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Managed Services

SYBOR Infrastructure and Application Monitoring Service offers complete, end-to-end monitoring solution for your increasingly complex IT systems. It combines industry-leading monitoring technology, best-practice methodologies, and expert staff into a comprehensive solution that addresses today’s IT budget and resource realities. Delivered as a managed service, the Monitoring Service provides all the advantages of industry leading solution with highly skilled, subject-matter experts who ensure you get the most value from your IT investment.

It is important to understand the distinction between our services, traditional outsourcing, and professional services. With our services, the in-house IT organization retains control of IT processes because it retains the key staff that uses the IT applications to deliver business services. SYBOR typically employs a remote management model, allowing clients to retain control of their IT infrastructure and, consequently, maintain the flexibility to adapt rapidly to changes in their business.


With a fast, cost-effective, and more predictable way to gain the benefits of our service, your IT organization can achieve ROI faster than before. That’s because with our managed services, one pays for the results one achieves, and not the means to achieve them. With reliable systems monitoring and server management that support business needs, you can reduce downtime on mission-critical applications and boost availability, performance, and reliability.



Monitors end-to-end quality of service delivered at a regular interval to help predict performance problems

Enables faster isolation of root causes of performance degradations

Ensure availability of your applications and infrastructure by automatically notifying IT staff on critical events, before your business is impacted

Helps achieve results faster by eliminating many of the issues related to technology implementation

Quantifies variations in end-user experience, including geographical, network and user group variations


Service Deliverables

Define and document implementation requirements

Comprehensive project plan

Define user acceptance tests

Define and document implementation details for ongoing support

Ongoing support and maintenance, as required


Service Delivery

Technical personnel with in-depth product and domain expertise

Best practices based on ITIL prescriptive methodologies






Managed Services

Managed Security Services

Vulnerability Assessment

Penetration Test







SYBOR has strategic associations with some of global leaders in ESM tools.

Clients includes :
ING Vysya
Citi Bank