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Vulnerability Assessment

In this engagement of Internal Vulnerability Assessment, we act as your defender and undertake a security review of your network infrastructure, critical systems and applications, in order to determine their adherence to international security standards and established best practices.


Internal Vulnerability Assessment is indisputably an invaluable and irreplaceable method for the analysis of the susceptibility of your IT infrastructure to cyber attacks.  It provides a complete identification of all potential vulnerabilities and especially vulnerabilities concerning your company’s security practices and procedures. The objective of this engagement is to identify and assess all present and potential technical security vulnerabilities, and provide detailed and workable guidelines-recommendations for implementing a “Defence in-depth” security posture from the internal perspective


v      Servers O/S & Network Devices Review

v      Win NT/2000/2003 Security Assessment

v      UNIX Security Assessment (AIX/Solaris/HP-UX)

v      Cisco Router Security Assessment

v      Firewall Assessment

v      Intrusion Detection System Assessment








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Vulnerability Assessment

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SYBOR has strategic associations with some of global leaders in ESM tools.

Clients includes :
ING Vysya
Citi Bank