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Monitoring & Managed Services

Monitoring and managing your infrastructure is critical to meeting the needs of your dynamic business environment. Effectively monitoring and managing your security systems is a resource intensive effort that requires specialized expertise. With ever changing technology landscape and ever shrinking availability of knowledge workers, monitoring and managing the infrastructure can quickly burden your team, taking their focus away from more strategic initiatives.

SYBOR’ Monitoring and Managed Services provide the infrastructure expertise necessary to ensure that your infrastructure is available, secure, performing and compliant while removing the operational overhead necessary to manage your environment. SYBOR can fully manage or co-manage your environment. With our fully managed solution, we take full control over your monitoring infrastructure, letting you manage your business as you should. Our co-manage solution enables our experts to work as a team with your staff by providing full access and visibility into the management process.


Higher bandwidth for other strategic IT initiatives
Operational flexibility
Respond to resource constraints
Improved productivity overall
Enhanced service levels at lower cost
SYBOR delivers monitoring and managed services in its R3 framework as defined by Reasons, Rigor and Repeatable.

Reasons define our knowledge-based way of working. Knowing is everything. Knowledgeable technical resources are the key to delivering value to whole process. Equipped with knowledge and acting with Reasons is SYBOR’s way of doing business.

Rigor defines our process framework. SYBOR ensures rigid process framework to overcome the knowing-doing gap. No knowledge gets lost in transition to action. This we accomplish by our rigorous practice. Rigor in what we do makes us who we are as professionals

Repeatable, quality interaction and customer experience defines who we are as a business. Repeat business results out of sustainable business practices that are repeatable. Repeatability governs all that we do and enables us to path of perfection.

SYBOR offers the following services:

        Performance and Availability Service  

        VOIP Performance and Availability Service

        Configuration and Risk Assessment Service

SYBOR delivers these services in different flavors and scope.


Provides basic support for 24x7x365 support for monitoring and incident management customizable across multiple time-windows.
Our RAM professionals gather alerts, isolate and validate them and follow an escalation procedure as defined by our customers.
Ideally suited for customers who have in-house capabilities for problem resolution but have outsourced monitoring as an effective means to provide 24x7 support.
We deliver project management, incident management and reporting.

R3Montior + basic incident resolution
Process restarts, log file rotations, file system clean ups, password resets etc., are some aspects of incident resolution that fall under the scope of basic incident resolution.
We would work with you to scope the incident resolution support that is needed in order to exclude extensive system management expertise required to resolve those incidents.
We deliver project management, incident management, basic change management, reporting and trending.

R3Resolve + systems and application management support.
This all encompassing system management support would deploy the best of the breed products, processes and people to deliver high value remote application management.
We excel at being near from remote. Our methodologies and practices would ensure highest quality service that exceeds your expectations.
In simple terms, we take care of your applications while you take care of your business.

Remote Monitoring
Vulnerability Assessment
Penetration Test

SYBOR has strategic associations with some of global leaders in ESM tools.

Clients includes :
ING Vysya
Citi Bank